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The Rise of Saladin

Saladin is a well known leader and general from the Middle ages, but how did he rise to power in the first place?

Ayyubid Dynasty

The '''Ayyubid dynasty''' ( ''''; '''' ) was a Sunni Muslim dynasty of Kurdish origin founded by Saladin and centred in Egypt. The dynasty ruled large parts of the ...

Saladin and his Ayyubid Dynasty: Was it Kurdish or Arab? (Kurdistan History and Poltiics Explained).

Historical disputes between the Arabs and Kurds are discussed.

Ayyubid dynasty

Ayyubid dynasty =======Image-Copyright-Info======= Image is in public domain Author-Info: Ch1902 Image Source: ...

What does Assassin's Creed have to do with Salahuddin Al-Ayubi?

For more information visit http://qalaminstitute.org/lih.

EU4 Cradle of Civilization Preview - Saladin's Legacy 01

This gameplay was performed in front of a live Twitch audience. We are playing as Hisn Kayfa with the goal to unite the lands of the Ayyubid Empire. We are ...

Biography of Sultan Salahdin Ayubi by Shaykh Adnan Rashid

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Eyyübi Sultanlığı - Her Yıl|Ayyubid Sultanate - Every Year (1171-1250)

Paflagonnian 2017.

The Third Crusade

Richard the Lionheart tries to win back the Holy Land from Saladin. Second Crusade: http://ayyubid-dynasty.purzuit.com/video/TYs1MPFGBGY.html.


A TIME SIMILAR BEFORE SALAHUDDIN AL-AYYUBI (SALADIN). Salahuddin Ayyubi, popularly known in the West as Saladin, was a courageous and brilliant ...

Tom & Jerry 3rd Crusade nutshell

Tom and Jerry show Episode: Jerry's cousin Earrape music: Saladin (soundtrack by Derek and Brandon Fiechter) Cast: Tom - Kingdom of Jerusalem Muscle ...

Story of Saladin (Salahuddin ayubi) / Conqueror of Jerusalem. Hindi & Urdu

Asslam o Alekum Doston! Hum aaj Hazir hue hain Aap ke saamne tareekh ke safhan se aisi video le kar ke jis par hum jitna fakhar karen wo kam hai.... Ye video ...


GOOGLE MAP LOCATION : Bab el Saghir Cemetery, Damascus, Syria https://maps.google.com/?cid=164309397016982407&hl=en&gl=gb SALAUDDIN ...

The Rise and Fall of The Ayyubid Sultanate: Every Year

See how the Ayyubid sultanate became the most influential and powerful muslim nations at it's time. (note that border changes and troop movements may not be ...

Salahuddin Al Ayubi Love For The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ [HD]

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Ayyubid Kurds in Egypt

kurds since saladin ayyubi still in egypt.

My Vist to Salah al Din al Ayubi Grave and castle with Team Palestina

Salah al-Din al-Ayubbi founded the Ayyubid dynasty of Egypt and Syria. Known as Saladin in the West, Salah al Din al Ayubi was born in 1138 in Tikrit,

Ayyubid Heavy Infantry

heavy infantry for hail Caesar.


Watch how to say and pronounce \

Ayyubid Era (The Citadel)


Ayyubid Town Militia Infantry


Crusade Battle : Ayyubid vs Kingom of Jerussalem

Medieval II: Total War - Ayyubid vs Kingom of Jerussalem King Baldwin vs Saladin.

Naqsh e Mazi Salahuddin Ayyubi

Naqsh e Mazi Salahuddin Ayyubi.

Analysis: Al hal wa Al aqd and khalifah during Ayyubid period

This is an assignment from Dr Mazslee Malik, a lecturer of International Islamic University Malaysia for Abbasid Caliphate class semester 1, 2017/2018 session.

was Saladin Ayyubi a Kurd? - Selahaddin Eyyubi Kürtmüydü?

The Question about Saladin al Ayyubi al Kurdi ! if he was a Kurd or not! he was muslim and he was a Kurd explains the scientists and history experts.

The Seventh Crusade

The Crusaders have their worst disaster yet, but the Ayyubids don't last.

The Fifth Crusade

The Fifth Crusade was another attempt to try and retake the Holy Land.

Ayyubid Command Hail Caesar

Ayyubid Command for Hail Caesar.

Salahudeen Al-Ayubi || Heroes of Islam || Sheikh Salmaan Parkar

Sheikh Salmaan takes us through the life of the great hero Salahudeen Al-Ayubi(ra). Showing us an angle of his life that not many know of. Make sure you like, ...

Ayyubid Light infantry Hail caesar

more troops to support saladins army, figures from gripping beast.

yazid hinda ka ghar part -2 or salauddin ayyubi ki kabar mubarak

hindas house and salauddin ayyubis kabra.

Song by salahudin khan ayubi

Song by salahudin khan ayubi.

The Ayyubid Way

Funny caption video of Umer Pre-season interview from 2014 and 2015.

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